Chipsmall Limited
Director Unit of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce
1,000 Square Meters Shenzhen ,Guangdong Province

Chipsmall Limited შედგება პროფესიონალური გუნდისგან, რომელსაც საშუალოდ 10 წელზე მეტი გამოცდილება აქვთ ელექტრონული კომპონენტების განაწილებაში. ჰონკონგში დაფუძნებული, ჩვენ უკვე დავამყარეთ მყარი და ორმხრივი სარგებლობის საქმიანი ურთიერთობა მომხმარებლებთან, ევროპიდან, ამერიკიდან და სამხრეთ აზიიდან, მოწოდებული მოძველებული და ძნელად მოსაძებნი კომპონენტებით მათი კონკრეტული საჭიროებების დასაკმაყოფილებლად.

პრინციპით \"ხარისხის ნაწილები, მომხმარებელთა პრიორიტეტი, გულახდილი ოპერაცია და მნიშვნელოვანი მომსახურება\", ჩვენი ბიზნესი ძირითადად ფოკუსირებულია ელექტრონული კომპონენტების განაწილებაზე. ხაზის ბარათებს, რომლებთანაც გვაქვს საქმე, არის მიკროჩიპი, ALPS, ROHM, Xilinx, Pulse, ON, Everlight და Freescale. ძირითადი პროდუქტებია IC, მოდულები, პოტენციომეტრი, IC სოკეტი, სარელეო, კონექტორი. ჩვენი ნაწილები მოიცავს პროგრამებს, როგორიცაა კომერციული, სამრეწველო და საავტომობილო სფეროები.

ჩვენ ველოდებით თქვენთან საქმიანი ურთიერთობის დამყარებას და ვიმედოვნებთ, რომ მოგაწვდით საუკეთესო მომსახურებას და გადაწყვეტას. მოდით, უკეთეს სამყაროში შევქმნათ ჩვენი ინდუსტრია!

Development History
"We are experiencing an era of rapid technological development, and we are privileged to participate as a witness as one of them."

The company was ofially established in Shenzhen


In Munich Electronics Fair, sales team to seize the international electronics market


Obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualifcation certificate


Passed IS09001 quality system certification


The company turnover reached 200 million yuan



Chipsmall Quality Inspection Center meet electrostatic discharge requirements for electrical andelectronic products in compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.


Chipsmall improves the safety and reliability of products such as aerospace materials and components to meet the requirements of customers in the aerospace industry.


We have obtained environmental management system certification and are committed to creating a green business.


We follow the ISO9001 quality management system to provide customers with reliable electronic components.


We have been certified by Dun & Bradstreet to establish a good image in the network business environment and enhance the favorability and trust of potential customers.

Our Strengths
Great Reputation in Quality

Only provide original and authentic electronic components, Stop all refurbished, fake and defective parts, and have won a good reputation from many customers.

Strict Quality Control Process

We have set up a QC test laboratory and always insist on putting the quality of components in the first place,the return rate from customers less than 0.22%, which is far lower than the industry average.

Perfect Supply Chain Channel

With our extensive global procurement channels, and inventory reserves, we are confident of providing globally sourced high-quality electronic components cost-effectively and in the shortest time to our customers.

Fully Implement the ISO Standards

We take "IDEA-STD-1010B" as the quality inspection standard, and operate in strict accordance with AS9120, ESD, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international standard systems.

Corporate Culture

Provide employees with a good learning and communication platform and a fair and transparent promotion channel to help them grow.

Pursue excellence

To provide our customers with superior products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Excellence, that is our standard.


To provide everyone, including customers, employees, and even business partners, with the opportunity to create and realize their dreams.


Meet customer needs, provide customers with the most needed products and satisfactory services, and spend 200% of our efforts to strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Company Activity
2023 Electronic Industry Chain Summit Co-hosted by Chipsmall Achieved a Great Success
2022 Annual Meeting & Outstanding Employee Award Ceremony
On Mid-Autumn Festival, Chipsmall sent mooncakes to our employees, wishing that they could share mooncakes with their families and enjoy the wonderful time together.
The Spring Festival holiday is over, Chipsmall has prepared a welcome lucky money for everyone!
Chipsmall organized employees to have an outing in spring, which not only relaxed themselves, but also promoted the relationship between colleagues.
Chipsmall led employees to support farmers and agriculture spontaneously, selling agricultural products in impoverished mountainous areas.
In order to relieve the work pressure of employees and enhance team cohesion in the fast-pace and high-intensity work, Chipsmall held a wonderful team building activity.
Intent to celebrate Chipsmall's 17th anniversary, we arranged a holiday trip for employees.
Chipsmall held a baseball activity recently. Employees learned baseball shooting skills during a relaxed and pleasant environment.